While the 23rd street bridge is closed, please follow one of the following routes:

From Brookside or the North:

  • Take I-244 W / US-75 S toward Okmulgee/Okla. City
  • Take exit 3B toward 21st St/Union Ave
  • Merge onto W 23rd St
  • Turn left onto W 21st St S
  • Turn right onto S 49th W Ave

From I-44 or the South:

  • Take I-44/OK-66 W
  • Take exit 223B toward 51st St
  • Continue onto Gilcrease Expy
  • Turn left onto W 41st St S
  • Turn right onto S 57th W Ave
  • Turn right onto W 21st S
  • Turn left onto S 49th W Ave

Please note that while there are detour signs posted surrounding the 23rd St bridge, they direct you to take 17th St which crosses many railroad tracks that experience high traffic by trains at all hours of the day. Following these detour signs will direct you back to W 21st St but be prepared to experience train delays.

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