Candy Coma Brunch

Candy Coma Brunch

Featuring Chef Trey

Sunday, November 1




Quiche – spinach, Crimini mushroom, and goat’s cheese served with kale salad   10

                    Eggs Benedict – poached eggs, English muffin, dressed kale, and oak smoked Canadian                                     bacon served with roasted potatoes   13

Buttermilk Biscuits – served with country sausage gravy   10   Half Order   7

Brunch Plate – bacon, two eggs, roasted potatoes, sourdough toast   11

Sourdough Cinnamon Roll – served with maple and cream cheese frosting   5

Sweet Potato Muffin – served with maple icing, bacon-pecan crunch   4


Bacon  4
Roasted Potatoes w/ketchup  3
Canadian bacon  4
Two Eggs  3
Sourdough Toast*  3
English Muffin*  3
Buttermilk Biscuit*  3
*Served with butter and jam

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