American Solera Society 2019-2020

American Solera Society (ASS)

2019-2020 Membership

A small number of memberships will open to the public for sale on our website on July 1, 2019.



  • $300 plus tax 
  • 4 bottles (500mL) of 3 member only stout/imperial beers (12 bottles total)
  • Opportunity to purchase additional bottles of most releases
  • Opportunity to purchase limited spirit barrel aged beers prior to the public
  • Access to an online account for purchasing beers online with in person pick-up
  • 10% discount in tasting room on A|S draft and merchandise purchases
  • Two pieces of exclusive member glassware
  • Membership card
  • Option to assign a proxy to pick-up on your behalf 
  • Priority for 2020-2021 membership

*Membership and its benefits are intended for a single individual. Special arrangements will NOT be made for anyone who chooses to share their membership with additional individuals.  This includes glassware, membership card, discounts, bottle allotments, invitation to the Facebook group, etc. There may also be benefits to those who are local or able to easily visit the tap room. 


The fee for American Solera Society membership is $300 plus tax. Membership and its benefits begin on August 24, 2019 and expire on August 22, 2020. Membership fee is non-refundable.  

Member Beers

Members will receive a total of 12 bottles (500mL) of beer over the course of the year. All bottles will be a stout, barleywine, or barrel aged imperial beer. The timing of each bottle release is unknown but they will be released as they become ready, which is at the discretion of our production team. Each member beer is expected to yield additional bottles that members will have the opportunity to purchase. We will also keg some of each member beer which will be available on draft to the public. Bottles not purchased by members in a timely fashion may be sold to the public. We reserve the right to save any additional bottles for special events or other use at our discretion. 

Limited Spirit Barrel Aged Beers

We anticipate offering several release of spirit barrel aged beers during the course of the membership year.  Members will have the ability to order a portion of these limited beers online in advance of the public.  The remaining bottles will be sold in the tap room and available to the public.

Online Ordering 

Members will receive access to an online account on which allows advance purchase of beers for pick-up in the tap room.  Orders must be placed a minimum of 48 hours before the requested pick-up. Members are required to 

schedule a pick-up by using the specified google form.  This form may also be used to assign a proxy. Orders are ready for pick-up when the status in the member’s online account states READY FOR PICK-UP. 


Members will enjoy a 10% discount on American Solera, on-site, draft beer (excludes to-go beer, crowlers, growlers and ALL bottles) and A|S merchandise (t-shirts, glassware, stickers, etc.) purchased in either tasting room with valid membership card or online with a discount code. Membership renewal fees and ticketed events are excluded from the discount. 


Members will receive a pair of exclusive American Solera Society teku glasses. Glassware will be available for pick-up at the tasting room. 

Membership Card

Members will receive a membership card to include their name and membership number. Member numbers cannot be requested or changed.  A member’s number will stay the same from year to year and retired if the member chooses not to renew. Membership card must be presented at the time of beer pick-up or in order to receive applicable discounts. Lost cards will not be replaced.

Facebook Private Group

Members will have the opportunity to be added to a private Facebook group. Only the paying member will be allowed access to the group.  Anyone additional that is a named proxy, splitting a membership, etc. will not be allowed access to the group. 


Members unable to pick-up their beer in the tasting room may assign a proxy. The trustee must be named via the google form when requesting a pick-up. Membership perks are not extended to any proxy. 

2020-2021 Membership

Members will have priority enrollment in the 2019-2020 society before the general public. 

Order Shipping and Pick-up

We are unable to ship beer.  Advance notice (48 hours) must be given via the google form for ALL pick-ups. Beer must be picked up in a timely fashion and before the set quarterly pick-up deadlines.  All beer not picked up within this window will be forfeited. Orders placed online must show a status of READY FOR PICK-UP in your online account before a pick-up can occur.  An online order is not required for membership allotment beers. All pick-ups will take place at the tasting room located at 1702 E 6th St, Tulsa, OK 74104.

First Release & Member Reception

The first release is anticipated to be available for pick-up starting on Saturday, August 24. We will host a 2019-2020 members reception to celebrate the launch of the new membership year.  We hope to offer the reception on August 24, 2019 at our new location at 1724 E 6th St Tulsa. However, this location is still under construction so we will keep you informed over the summer if we anticipate any changes to the date or location of this reception. 

24 replies on “American Solera Society 2019-2020

  • Joshua Lotz

    Will they be in the shop portion of the website on the day of purchase? Or a separate link added to a blog post or something? Thanks!

  • GD

    For those not local, if having to travel, will each release have a required pick up date or is it at all possible to consolidate multiple releases to a specified pick up date to reduce the number of trips. Thanks in advance!

    • America Solera

      There are quarterly pick up deadlines and we aim to spread out the releases to one a quarter, but sometimes multiple releases could happen within a quarter. It would likely require several trips. However, you can always assign a proxy. We can accommodate some late pickups within reason if you stay in contact with us and get it approved in advance.

    • America Solera

      All the info you would need would go out in an email as well! The facebook group is just for fun, but not required!

  • Ian

    First, HUGE fan of American Solera and Chase (and even that might be a gross understatement). Regarding the Society, before I make a commitment I may not be able to keep (and lose beer as a result), can you tell us (or just me) what the pick-up window (days, weeks, quarterly?) for the membership 12 bottles might be? I am asking as I prefer to not use proxies, if possible, but I don’t live very close.

    • America Solera

      We have 4 pick up deadlines per year, once a quarter. Roughly November, February, May and August. If you’re unable to meet a deadline, a proxy can be used or you will need to keep us informed and get your late pick up approved.

  • Mark Fahey

    So the beer needs to be picked up on a quarterly basis, does that mean there is a final deadline each quarter when the beer must be picked up prior to?

    • America Solera

      Yes, each quarter there is a pick up deadline and beer ordered before a certain date will need to be picked up by that deadline unless otherwise arranged.

  • Terez

    Well, first the website crashed at 9:01. Then, I had a membership in two different carts on different devices by 9:04 and the order wouldn’t process for either one. And now they’re sold out. Waaaah, better luck next year. :'(

  • David Tarnow

    Will new members be receiving additional communication about when the online account will become available to purchase bottles, invite to fb group, etc etc…i’m probably just being overly excited and impatient =)


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